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August 2022

Successful healthcare chief information officers know that engaging stakeholders, setting direction and creating a positive culture are essential tasks…

July 2022

We are starting to see the digital health solution hype slowing down along with more scrutiny on healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

June 2022

There seems to be an acquisition announced monthly by United Health
Health IT leaders and federal officials have spent years attempting to solve the challenges Larry Ellison says his company can fix. Many experts are…

February 2022

Interesting news in the healthIT space: RLDatix acquired 365 Response, which provides SaaS-based transport management systems for the NHS, local…
Here are the buzzword technologies solutions that can reduce staff burnout in healthcare.
2022 is shaping up to be another challenging year for healthcare systems. Here are the trends to watch out for!
The number of mergers is declining but the deals are bigger than ever

January 2022

Cut out the middleman in retail pharmacy
Telehealth is a virtual healthcare delivery system, and it has become a permanent fixture in healthcare delivery accelerated by the pandemic. Now…

December 2021

But you can and should tweak the IT organization to meet modern requirements for agility, innovation, and digital-first operations. Here’s how.